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Solano Youth Voices Council Member and Rising Leaders Get Standing Ovation at 2019 Policy Forum

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The Solano Youth Voices (SYV) Council Members presented their research and policy platform at the 6th Annual Children and Youth Policy Forum this Saturday. Solano Youth Voices Rising Leaders also co-wrote and co-presented a poem about when youth need to "speak up." Finally, the Rising Leaders presented a mural they created about homelessness and shared their messages that homeless people are not a stereotype:

-Many did not just make bad choices that caused them to be homeless

-Providing housing will make it much more likely that people experiencing homelessness will be able to get and keep a job

-Many do not live on the street, they also live in cars, on couches, in boats, and in other unstable/unsafe spaces

The crowd of around 100 people all stood and clapped after the presentation and many commented on the importance of the messages youth shared.

CONGRATULATIONS to SYV Council Members on another great presentation and to the Rising Leaders on having their first presentation be such a huge success!

Read the news article about the Policy Forum published in the Times-Herald, here.

For more information about our Youth Policy Platform and to add your name to our list of supporters, click here.

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