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Solano Youth Voices elevates the voices of youth countywide (including those who are “at-risk”) through the development of a youth led policy platform, leadership trainings, and other engagement opportunities. Council Members conduct peer outreach, develop a policy platform, and promote the platform among local and state leadership, community organizations, and youth.

Our Mission

I am very impressed with the work of the Youth Leadership Council and have enjoyed working with them... the previous generation should always help the next generation to help develop their leadership skills because one day the world will be theirs to govern.

-Monica Brown, Solano County Board of Supervisors

Our Mission

Solano Youth Voices elevates the voices of youth in Solano County.

Our Vision

We strive to work together with the community to develop schools into emotionally and physically safe spaces that allow students to learn and thrive, where:

  • Non-stigmatizing, culturally competent school-based mental health services for students are expanded.

  • The school community (staff, students, and parents) is equipped and empowered to recognize, address, and prevent bullying, including cyber-bullying.

  • School campuses are "safe spaces," where homeless youth are treated with dignity and respect and provided with comprehensive supports.

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