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Meet Solano Youth Voices Leadership

Beck is a 20-year-old Council Member with Solano Youth Voices. Their cheery disposition and perseverance inspires others to move forward despite the circumstances and sets them apart. Even while Beck was homeless, they continued volunteer leadership work with the Solano Pride Center and served on the Solano Youth Voices youth council. Their goal is to help create a more open and honest community by decreasing stigma around LGBTQ+ people. Beck is a strong vocal advocate who is committed to leading our community into a future where everyone feels safe and is treated with dignity.
Nathen 1.jpg
Nathen is a 17-year-old leader who is committed to open communication with youth across Solano County. He plans to graduate from High School in two years and then take music production classes in college as he works toward becoming a professional Sound engineer. In the meantime, Nathen produces music on FL Studio and enjoys watching anime. He is also a boxer with the Fairfield Police Activities League and participates in events with his Court Appointed Special Advocates mentor. As a foster youth, Nathen dreams of a community where youth like him feel safe; to this end, he is using his creative advocacy skills to help make this dream a reality.
Zahraya 2.jpg
Zahraya is an articulate advocate for youth empowerment and women’s rights. After graduating from high school next year, she plans to attend Bethune-Cookman University in Florida to study business and psychology. Zahraya envisions herself supporting youth and women’s causes as the CEO of her own fashion business. She has a history of leadership to build upon including reviving the Black Student Union at Consumnes Oaks High School and as a Council Member of Solano Youth Voices. Zahraya is an entrepreneur in the making who is passionate about finding real solutions to the complex issue of inequality for disenfranchised people.
Amirah 2.jpg
Amirah is a 16-year-old artist at Armijo High school. She loves editing videos and applied her creativity to her work as a Solano Youth Voices Council Member and as a member of the Armijo Drama Club. She is a strong supporter of extracurricular and leadership activities both on and off campus. Amirah’s quiet and steady strength is both reassuring and effective when she connects with her peers as a leader and as a team member. She plans on continuing her advocacy work after high school and earning a law degree. Amirah’s ability to connect with and inspire other youth to action, combined with her commitment to strengthening our schools, make her a driving force for community change.
Kimberly is an aspiring game developer who is currently enrolled as a Computer Science major at Diablo Valley College. She loves to tinker and reprogram computers and video games. Despite her social anxiety, Kimberly continues to serve in leadership roles. For example, she continues to be active with Solano Youth Voices and was the founding youth leader of Migrante 707. Kimberly is a passionate advocate who has overcome great personal challenges to become a frontrunner in the movement for equal access to science careers for all youth. See Kimberly's Story here.
Lovie 1.jpg
Lovie is an 18-year-old artist and advocate originally from Alameda County who spent her adolescence in the Solano County Foster Care System. She graduated from Armijo High School this year and plans to combine her love of fine arts and her interest in mental health through a career in art therapy. She is passionate about mental health, increasing resources for services and supports, and improving transportation to bridge Solano County with the rest of the Bay Area. Lovie is a determined, creative, and confident advocate for equal resources across the San Francisco Bay Area Region.
Diana 1.jpg
Diana is a 21-year-old advocate for safe communities. She graduated from Armijo High School in 2014 and currently attends Solano Community College where she is in the Nursing Program. Diana enjoys reading and writing and listens to pop music from the 90’s. She has volunteered at the Children’s Network of Solano County as an assistant for the Children’s Leadership Training Institute, has spoken on the San Francisco American New Media Youth Panel, and as a Council Member for Solano Youth Voices. Diana is a strong advocate for safe schools, bringing public, private, and non-profit groups together for real change.
Valeria 2.jpg
Valeria is a full-time student who loves to play instruments and many different sports. She also loves watching documentaries and romantic comedies. She is very social and a strong leader who brings people together. Valeria is currently pursuing her dream of attending medical school. Additionally, she has volunteered for the Red Cross, NorthBay Hospital, and served as a Solano Youth Voices Council Member. Valeria works hard to help her community to thrive regardless of race, gender, and status. She is a passionate young community leader dedicated to advocacy for all.
Troy 1.jpg
Troy is a young professional who is passionate about helping his community. For example, he worked at Club Stride, served as a Council Member of Solano Youth Voices, and interned in the Mayor of Vallejo’s office. In his spare time, Troy worked at a local restaurant and goes skateboarding with friends. He takes pride in his work and holds his own as a young professional. Troy’s ideal community is based on selflessness and compassion. He wants to become a Senator and attends University of California Santa Barbara in the Fall. Troy is an emerging changemaker to watch for in the ballot box soon.
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