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Solano Youth Voices Identify Priority Issues for Youth in Solano County

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Youth leaders survey their peers and hold round-table discussions to learn what issues they should tackle

Nathen and Zahraya enter surveys collected from youth across Solano County. More than 700 surveys were collected.

Solano Youth Voices Council Members officially decided which issues to focus on in their policy platform based on input from youth throughout the county. They have chosen to research and write recommendations for addressing Mental Health, Bullying Prevention, and Youth Homelessness on school campuses. These issues all emerged as important in focus groups and on youth surveys.

Youth leaders went to several schools and community youth groups to hold a total of 17 focus groups. They also held discussions at events, such as the Annual Children and Family Policy Forum and the March for Our Lives Rally (Vallejo). During these round-table discussions they asked youth to share which issues affect youth, which issues need to be prioritized, and what solutions they recommended.

In addition to focus groups, Council Members created a youth survey, which was shared online and in person with youth across the County. School staff, community leaders, and others all helped to disseminate and collect the anonymous surveys and the results were impressive. Out of 704 surveys, Education emerged as the top priority issue. Mental Health, Bullying Prevention, and Youth Homelessness followed as priority areas. After consulting with issue experts in more than 21 research meetings and conducting online research, Council Members determined that Mental Health, Bullying Prevention, and Youth Homelessness should be addressed on school campuses.

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